GR Consulting translation agency provides bilingual translation services from Yiddish to Russian and other languages of the world, and from Russian to Yiddish since the moment of our translation agency foundation. Every Yiddish interpreter is capable to perform the most diverse translations and translate to Yiddish texts of any complexity and thematic orientation:

  • Yiddish-Russian oral interpretation;
  • Scientific translation from / to Yiddish language;
  • Written translation from / to Yiddish language;
  • Technical Yiddish translation;
  • Legal Yiddish translation;
  • Translation of books from / to Yiddish language;
  • Financial translation from / to Yiddish language;
  • Yiddish economic translation;
  • Literary translation;
  • Yiddish - Russian medical translation;
  • Software translation from Yiddish to Russian;
  • Website translation from / to Yiddish or Russian;
  • Translation of magazine articles;
  • Certified Yiddish translation;
  • Yiddish translation of diplomas and passports;
  • Translation of textbooks;
  • Translation from Yiddish to Ukrainian and Russian;
  • Apostil;
  • Translation of personal documents from / to Yiddish language.

Just dial one of the contact phone numbers: 7 (495) 504-36-03 or 7 (495) 505-52-81 and order professional Yiddish / Russian translation!

Address your needs to GR Consulting translation agency and top-quality Yiddish – Russian interpreters will execute a written translation from / to Yiddish language in time with absence of differences in interpretations, and oral synchronous Russian – Yiddish translation will be really synchronous and the interpreter will never become a superfluous link in the dialogue between the parties.

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