GR Consulting specializes in providing accurate top-quality legal translations using legal professionals.

We have extensive experience in translating a wide variety of legal documents. Our blend of experienced, skilled legal translators, industry experts, and project managers makes GR Consulting the ideal partner for even the most complex and specialist legal translation needs.

Legal Translationservices are available from or to English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and other languages. Our top-quality legal translation services are intended to give an accurate understanding of legal documents and agreements.

We provide the following legal translation services:

  • Translation of corporate documents of legal entities (translation of charters, memorandums, decisions, certificates on registration, etc.);

  • Translation of contracts;

  • Translation of tender documents;

  • Translation of customs documents;

  • Translation of laws and their projects;

  • Translation of legal memorandums and opinions;

  • Translation of letters of attorney;

  • Authentication (Apostille or notary certification);

  • Translation of legal literature and legal texts.

Jurisprudence — is a very complicated science and there were a lot of cases where inaccurate translation of legal documents caused serious consequences.

Translation of legal documents gets complicated because various countries use various legal systems which causes different wordings and hence in order to escape variant reading in translation apart of linguistic education legal education is needed. That is why when we select translators for our company first of all we pay attention on legal experience after which we check how well the applicant knows foreign language. GR Consulting has been providing legal services for many years and has accumulated vast experience in the field of legal translation.

Special complexity of legal translation is caused by so called terminological gaps. Considering the fact that the translated document should also be certified by a notary and apostilled translators who translate this kind of documents deserve respect.

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