Simultaneous interpretation – is the most complicated kind of interpretation. An interpreter speaks simultaneously with a spokesperson and he has to listen to a spokesperson’s speech and at the same time to interpret. It causes maximum physical and nervous stress. That is why simultaneous interpreters always work in teams 2-4 interpreters each and an interpreter never works more than 15-20 minutes at a turn. Otherwise he may simply «over burn». Interpretation is carried out in special cabins using special equipment so as nothing would distract an interpreter from interpretation.

To be a simultaneous interpreter one should not only complete special training but have some “untutored” qualities. Far from every interpreter even perfectly knowing foreign language is able to get at the art of simultaneous interpretation. That is why “synchronists” are especially valuable.

It is impossible to go without simultaneous interpretation at governmental negotiations, international summits, seminars and conferences with a great number of participants. We cooperate with extra quality “synchronists” and we will be glad to provide to you services of simultaneous interpretation.

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