Nowadays in the age of information and technologies web-site of a company is not just its visit card but it is also its means of promotion. If a company wants web site to be its engine of commerce it is necessary to make sure that the site is user friendly and combines friendliness and comprehensive information. And so as the range of potential clients wouldn’t be limited to domestic consumer web site should be localized. That is to say localize not just translate. The issue is about friendliness. Web site should be translated in such a manner that users wouldn’t be confused.

The most simple but by no means comprehensive example – measures of weight, speed, length etc. For the Russians it is as confusing to measure speed in miles per hour or area in square feet as for the American to measure speed and area in kilometers per hour and square meters correspondingly.

“GR-consulting” has all necessary specialists to localize your site in a proper way. The content of your site will be translated taking into consideration all features of a country or a region that are considered to be targeted audience of the site.

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